ICG-Ocean 2023 is organized and supported by BGI-Qingdao, China National Genebank and Sino-German Ecopark, as one special event of the annual international conference of ICG (International Conference on Genomics), which has been successfully held for 17 years. ICG-Ocean seeks to contribute to accelerating aquatic genomics and genetics researches by introducing the current progress, technological development and international collaborations.

Aquatic genomics andgenetics will continue to grow significantly in both the academic andindustrial realms, especially for ocean environmental and biologicalconservation as well as exploration and application of marine biological resources. Qingdao, a coastal city in northern China with unique marine resources andstrong background of biology and aquaculture researches, welcome marinescientists all over the world to join ICG-Ocean to discuss and share your ideas,discoveries and problems on aquatic multi-omics,genetics, biotechnology and bioinformatics.


Registration Desk

Entrance, Building No.4 1st Floor, Campus of BGI-Qingdao.



Canteen, Building No.4 B1 Floor, Campus of BGI-Qingdao.
*Meal tickets are placed in the badge. Please bring themto get access to the catering area.


Exhibition Hours

Area: Building No.4 1st Floor, Campus of BGI-Qingdao.
Time: October 28th, 08:00-18:00 / October 29th, 08:00-18:00



Badges will be distributed at the registration desk on-site. Your badge allows your access to the ICG-Ocean sessions and events. Please always wear your badge.



Three-prongor two-prong outlets with 220 volts AC current are commonly used in China. Itis suggested to bring an adapter with you.


Weather Forecast

Qingdao would be a little cold at late October and the temperature ranges of 10°C – 15°C (50°F – 59°F).



Please be advised that smoking is prohibited in the building. Thank you for your cooperation.



Please pay attention to safety evacuation indicators, the exit and the evacuation safety stairs when entering public places. In case of emergencies such as fire, comply with the instructions of the evacuation signs and follow staff as soon as possible to the direction of the exit. If you seek any medical attention during the conference, please ask the staff or volunteer onsite for assistance.